Death is Final

1.) If you get knocked out people will even use the expression, "He's not there." Your consciousness goes out the window. You eventually wake up though. Death is like this but of course, there's no waking up. This example shows that your CONSCIOUSNESS is PHYSICAL. 
2.) When people get hit on the head hard or have strokes, sometimes their inner-voice can change...not so much in the way it sounds in their head but the way in which it functions. 
3.) When people do psychedelic drugs such as LSD or shrooms, they have what they call a "religious experience." This shows that a lot of what other people call "religious experiences" might just be some chemicals firing off in their head in abnormal ways. 
4.) The eternal soul is SUPPOSED to be exactly that: eternal. Where were you before you were born? Nowhere.

5. When stimulated one EGO part of the brain, religious people thought they were seeing God. Non-religious people thought they were meeting aliens. This is a real science experiment that happened. 

Some points that theoretically work:

 1.) The soul is eternal but the body and brain are not capable of accessing all of it's memory and/or potential. 

2.) That's really all I got. The above is theoretically OK but it just seems too much like wishful thinking.

What now? I die and that's it?

Well, don't get too disturbed. It sucks but it makes you really think about NOW, this moment. You re-evaluate your one shot. 

Doesn't this way of thinking make people go crazy and kill people? 

I don't think so. In rare cases, maybe. It will probably make you depressed for a little while but not for forever. As for killing people, ...you believe in life being one shot, Why would you fuck up someone else's only shot? 

What does it matter if it's all futile?

 It's futile? 

All of this is open for debate.


Two Movies

Two Movies To Which I am Looking Forward


My Take on Guns So Far

1. Hunting is probably OK.

2. The Second Amendment was made in a time when everyone had pistols and rifles. Today the government outlaws big guns for normal people while they use it for themselves.

3. The Second Amendment was made so that you could protect yourself from the government or other people if you wanted to. If a SWAT team came into your house...if the government really wanted to get you, those guns you bought at Wal-Mart are not going to do dick.

4. "So are you saying we should just outlaw all guns since it's already pointless anyway as far you can tell?" Well, it would seem that way. Basically, I just want people to see these views to have a better opinion about things. I'm not offering a solution at this point. I'm just showing more arguments.

5. "If hunting was OK, then people would probably just start killing each with those. Would crime go down just because the guns would be bigger? Also, since they're bigger, it makes it harder to conceal so now when someone is coming after you with a gun, you can recognize it quicker and have more time to run!"

6. Does making handguns illegal lower crime rates? Does it lower murder cases? 

7. We are living in an age of AK-47s and Uzis. This is not the age of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. We really need to take this stuff into account and not be blinded by our own blind need to "not be foreign."

Side Note:


I'm fine with people loving their own country but I've always hated how patriotism AUTOMATICALLY creates barriers with other people. Patriotism means you AUTOMATICALLY dislike other countries. That's the way it seems to me. I'm objective towards patriotism. 



I will study warfare and strategy so that my children can learn science and mathematics and so that their children can learn art and poetry.


Addendum to the previous entry.

Also, what can be very limiting and feel "empty" sometimes is the lack of sounds in Japanese. Even Wikipedia stated that Japanese "has a relatively small phonetic lexicon." 

There are 48 sounds in Japanese. That's right. You can count them. 

There are over 300 in English. 

There are apparently other languages that have even less sounds but going from 300 or so to 48 is quite a jump and while most of the sounds are fairly easy to say and basic pronunciation is fairly simple to get...the mere lack of more sounds makes Japanese feel very stripped down.

Japanese and English

For a native English speaker, Japanese can feel limiting sometimes. In Japanese, there is no:

Past Perfect (I had done that.)

Past Perfect Progressive (I had been doing that.)

Future Tense (You use the present tense and imply the future.)

Plurals (This is why they always forget it in English.)

And no language has as many expressions as English but Japanese really doesn't have that many.

And they have subjects and pronouns, but they prefer not to use them making things sound even simpler.

There is no distinction between gerund and infinitive in Japanese. In Japanese "To play baseball is fun" and "Playing baseball" is fun is the same thing.

There is no "will have done" or "will have had" or "will have been" grammatical construction in Japanese.

And in Japanese, they prefer to speak with the least amount of words. I heard a Swedish girl say that she wished they'd say something other than "kawaii," which means "That's cute." She said this because apparently in Swedish they mix it up more. The same goes in English. I've heard a lot of my friends from English speaking countries say that Japanese people say "sugoi" too much which basically means "great" or "awesome," something along those lines. The thing is,...they always fucking use this word. It's never changed up. In English, we say "cool" "awesome" "sweet" "amazing" "fantastic." That's five times as many words right there! I feel like people of European descent are always feeling like, "Use another fucking word! Sugoi is wayyyyy overused!" I overheard that there was some study saying that English speakers say three times as many different words in a day than Japanese speakers.

English does not have:

Wa and Ga ...the subject and topic markers

the Volitional form ...everyone says that "darou" and "deshou" are the "future tense" in Japanese but this is just not true. "darou" and "deshou" imply INTENTION...not a place in time! It implies one's VOLITION to do something...not the FUTURE like "will" Of course, maybe we sort of have this in English if we say "I intend to do something" but it's not EXACTLY the same, I guess.

Japanese has a shitload of onomatopeaia (sp?). More than most languages.

English has no gitaigo which is onomatopeaia for states. In English, we think of it only for mocking previous existing sounds but in Japanese they have onomatopeia words for actual states of being. This "gitaigo" as it is called is not found in English at ALL....I think.

If you're Japanese and want to talk about this further, let's debate this shit. I'm ready! I'm waiting on the retort.



I just saw the other good movie for this year. "Taken" starring Liam Neeson is fucking great. No bullshit. There is really nothing you do not need. The plot is that Neeson is a ex-agent of some sort, retired, but his daughter gets kidnapped on a trip in Paris. The reason she gets kidnapped is because she's attractive. The kidnappers are part of an underground group that abducts girls and sells them into some kind sex slave market. They kidnap them, drug them up, get the addicted, and then force them into prostitution. They move them to the eastern Europe or northern Africa. This kind of trade REALLY does go on in that part of the world so it's a rather believable plot. Basically, what's good about it is that it's simple. Liam wants his daughter back and he's such a badass trying to get her back. The fighting is awesome and really believable...kind of like the fighting in the Bourne Identity movies. The action is consolidated too. Again, nothing you don't need. Nothing is drawn out. The poster is in French but the movie is in English. It's a Luc Besson movie so...there ya go.


Too Much Identity

Sometimes it feels like there's too much identity in being Japanese for the Japanese. I suppose I only have this opinion because I'm American. If I were European, I would probably completely understand. It's just a bit annoying when people do things ONLY because of culture or when they explain why they do the things they do. Sometimes, Japanese people will tell me that the reason they do this or that is because of some incident that happened hundreds of years ago. Maybe this kind of thing happened in Europe and was spread to America in some way. Maybe it's worse that that might happen and I don't even know the origin unlike the Japanese. It's just something that can be a huge difference between basic ways of thinking for an American and a Japanese person. Too much pre-set identity.


Obama and Taxes

So it's fucking great Obama won. I just have one question. During the presidential debates, Obama was saying that he was going to cut taxes for everyone that makes less than 250K a year but now everyone's talking about his wealth redistribution plan and about him raising taxes for most people. I'm so confused. Someone please explain.


Hot Chicks

Sometimes, all the deep stuff can get to be a little too much so here's something different. Here's a list of some chicks I think are fantastic.

8.) Elisha Cuthbert

So this is Elisha Cuthbert. She was in a pretty good movie called The Girl Next Door. She got my attention.

7.) Katherine Heigl

She was in Knocked Up. Fantastic.

6.) Gillian Anderson

Any nerd loves this girl. The X-Files was one of the best shows ever and it's also great to see her in the series as well.

5.) Elizabeth Hurley

She's getting to be a little older now but I've liked her for a long time. She probably looks her best in Bedazzled even though that movie sucked.

4.) Angelina Jolie

I probably don't like her as much as everyone else but I do like her. She's a little crazy but also really caring...basically a philanthropist. A hot philanthropist.

3.) Scarlett Johansson

After Lost in Translation, I was basically in love. I want to meet her in person.

2.) Dagmara Dominiczyk

I don't know why she's not more famous. She was Mercedes in the most recent The Count of Monte Cristo. She looks amazing in the movie. This picture doesn't do her justice.

1.) Monica Bellucci

When I saw the second Matrix, I was basically taken aback. I had never been taken aback before in a movie before because of a woman. I never really liked celebrities that much anyway. She played the Frenchman's Wife. Fantastic. She was also Mary in the Passion. Mel Gibson said that the crew tried so hard to make her ugly for the movie but it proved to be extremely difficult. It's going to take someone really special (who I've never seen) to replace this number one pick.

Gay Marriage


The tradition argument just basically doesn't hold water. Women's and black rights are only 50 years old or so. There's no tradition there. Now everyone believes in it. Not many people have problems with it. You cannot use tradition as a reason for being against gay marriage.


If you believe in one nation under God, then read my previous post about America's forefathers. All of that stuff was printed on our dollars and put into our government in the 1950s. America is not a Christian nation. Refer to the Treaty of Tripoli quote in my previous post. America is not a theocracy. It's a democratic-republic. The things in the Bible about homosexuality are there and you can say what you want about them but why do people say THAT'S God's Word when they say the "sell your daughter into slavery" thing is "just the Old Testament. We're in the New Testament now!" People say that they don't pick an choose in the Bible, they just go by the New Testament but if that's true why do you give a fuck about the Ten Commandments so much? It's OK to think they're good morals and everything but if you think that the Old Testament is basically thrown out and we're in the New Covenant now then how are the Ten Commandments relevant? They're Old Testament rules, right?!

There are a few things in the New Testament that speak out against homosexuality but the bottom line is this: If you're a parent, don't you want your kids to think for themselves and to just grow into who they are? If we are God's children, then why do you think He wouldn't be the same way? If that doesn't work, then I'll say this: Why does God predispose some people to the Devil more than others? Just because God made Adam and Eve (not Adam and Steve) does not mean that God wouldn't eventually make some people gay.

The Sanctity of Marriage

"We got married because we were going to have a kid," is what a lot of straight married couples say. For me personally, the sanctity is in the love. If two people make that choice to be together forever, then that's great. Gay or straight, I don't care. You can say that the "purest" weddings or whatever were in the biblical times but men usually had several wives at that time. Is that what you would consider pure? That's not a modern view. Also, the men chose the women, not vice-versa.


Well, the main issue is religion, I suppose but I'll address this too. There are a lot of animals that show gay tendencies and activity. Dolphins, chimpanzees, elephants. Since this isn't the religion section, we'll just ACCEPT evolution and that humans are part of the ape family. It's OK! We can be animals AND human! The nature and nurture topic is debatable but I think it's usually mostly nature with a little bit of nurture but then again it depends on the person. There can be a lot of reasons for homosexuality. One of the striking things found is that usually gay men are the youngest of his siblings. Inside the womb, the mother washes the fetus with estrogen to try to fight this foreign body and by the time the woman has had experience and enough kids, the youngest one has a higher chance of being gay because of that gained experience, the woman's body getting more used to fighting the foreign entity. This is just one example that it could just boil down to nature (i.e. SCIENCE) in most cases. Well, hell, psychology is a science too so I guess nurture can be thrown in there.


If someone thinks about something for a long time and has years and years of personal discovery and comes to the peaceful conclusion that he or she is gay, then I'd say that's real. You can say that some people's "personal discoveries" lead them to being psycho killers but being gay and being a psycho killer are two very different things. For me, just the fact that people have to wrestle with it for a long time but then finally just feel it more honest and just feel that that's really who they are,...that's enough for me.

Civil Rights

Marriage is important as far as civil rights are concerned. Even Palin says she believes in this. If the person you love is in the hospital and you can't see him/her because he/she is not legally your spouse...then I think that's a fucked up situation.

Why do you care, Andrew? You're not gay.

Why do you care about ending slavery? You're not black? Why do you care if women can vote or not? You're not a woman. Do you see what I mean? I care about people and their rights and their fucking right to live their lives normally...with equal rights and without prejudice.

Sarah Palin Gets Punked

Two DJs from Montreal pose as France's PM Sarkozy to prank Sarah Palin.


Spreading the Wealth and Socialism

So this seems to be a topic recently. I just have some things to say.

1.) If you tax the rich a lot more but the rich are still rich, what's the problem?

2.) I do have a problem with it if you tax the rich so much that they're not rich anymore. The economy is said to be based on greed and what will happen with the economy if no one can become rich anymore?

3.) I think it would be a little scary if everyone was exactly the same class. I don't think there should be class discrimination either.

4.) I don't think we should reject every socialist idea just because it can be called that dirty word, "socialism."

5.) I don't like Communism mainly because I want to be able to choose what kind of job I want and a lot of government control is a little scary.

6.) Is spreading the wealth control? There's always taxes. How come this form of taxes is automatically socialist?

7.) Sometimes, competition is bad. I wouldn't want two police or fire departments competing.

8.) Should an economy be based on greed?

9.) Should a form of government systematically destroy greed?

10.) Is greed necessarily bad for the economy?

11.) I'm kind of for a scientific approach where we study how people become happy. Most tribes work on a kind of socialist base. I think that people are willing to and are happier when they work for the group, but if the idea of the "group" or "working for the betterment of the group" it is imposed by some impersonal government entity, the "group" that you're working for at that point is too big and people will lose sight of what they're doing and become depressed. The group must be smaller and personal. That's how tribes work. I mention tribes because I'm for going back to basics. Basic human nature. I kind of like the idea of Venezuela's GNH, Gross National Happiness.

12.) And one last thing, people are always going nuts over "growth." Business growth, personal growth, etc. I think it's important to succeed but if growing is all we do and we don't monitor it more, there could be no more nature left. I don't want to turn into a tree-hugger or anything but I just want to point out that maybe we should all be more objective in our views towards "growth." We have to think about our planet and future.

On SpaceShip Earth, there are no passengers, only crew.